While carrying out various activities at the schools, I have seen that many of them are not provided with their own proper sports halls. A hall/space with the size of a sports hall is a must when it comes to the ‘Make a Step’ program. Sometimes students even exercise in a room that has been emptied, which is of course much too small to have good sports lessons with the whole class and it has happened that we were unable to help a school because of the lack of space. Then another room was found where we could eventually do the program, but it would be great if we could help the school in such cases and invite them to our own room! I dream of a building provided with such a space! A multifunctional building, which consists of two halves. One half is a space that you can compare with a sports hall: large and high, but without sports equipment. Well equipped with audio, video and light to support the activities being held there. The purpose of this space is of course to host programs such as Make a Step, but the space can also be used for all kinds of other things such as children’s programs. In collaboration with various partners, the space can be optimally used for children and teenagers and/or similar activities that fit in with the vision! The other half of the building could be classified as office and workspace. I see various organizations struggling with good facilities, where they work and receive people, whether guests or clients. The partners you can find on the website could definitely use better spaces too! In fact, sometimes there is simply no room and there is no office or a space serves as an office, emergency practice and storage at the same time.

The spaces in this half of the building could be classified as offices, but also spaces where said organizations can receive clients for counseling and assistance. This is urgently needed, as I now see that assistance is sometimes done in places that are not ideal, or are sometimes far from the ideal. How wonderful it would be to have such a building to serve these people even better!!