Working with various partners, I see a need for storage space. Relief supplies come to Romania from various directions. Relief supplies are often still needed, but good logistics and good organization are often lacking. If goods can be used properly, there is a lack of storage space and I see things here and there, whether or not covered with a tarpaulin. 

Sometimes objects are piled too high or there is no overview at all of what one has actually received. As a result, there is also a lack of good distribution to the right people. If there are incidental promotions, such as Christmas gifts which are donated from abroad, sometimes storage space has to be rented temporarily and it is sometimes questionable whether it is a good storage space (sometimes it is too humid) and this also costs extra money. The space also has to be empty before the lease expires, so there is again pressure on distribution.

Because there is no overview available, I can often not answer the question whether certain things are necessary: ​​is clothing needed? What kind of clothes? Can you still use a laptop? Are other things needed?

I personally believe that less is needed than years ago. There are also second-hand clothes shops in Romania, but sometimes people don’t even have the money for them. Stuff is still needed, but if there is an overview, a list,  in collaboration with partners, it is easier to answer such questions and we deal with the stuff more sustainably.

This resulted in a dream for the construction of a depot / distribution center in or near Oradea. A center that is easily accessible for trucks, whether or not from abroad, but at the same time also easily accessible for us from the city, so that we do not have to drive long. A depot where goods can be sorted and stored until they are further distributed to the people who need them, near or further away, 

At the moment there are two local organizations that I would like to share this depot with, but of course this can grow. I see these organizations struggling, but I also see them reaching the right people who desperately need the supplies. They do this seemingly tirelessly, with various people around them, volunteers and professionals. It reaches many people of all ages and backgrounds: children, the elderly, families, mothers with children, addicts, victims of violence, teenagers, etc. If you have a dream like theirs, but you can’t build here yourself, or be in Romania, help make it happen! This way you would be living out your dream and be a support for those who we can reach also on your behalf!