Since August 2012 I am living and working in Romania and currently do this full-time on a voluntary base. My name is Martin and my dream is to have a positive impact on the young generation and see them rise up in their own identity!

I believe that I can do all this work together with God in order to mean something to Romania. That’s why I combined this in the name of this website: GOd-MArtin-ROmania, hence the name ‘Gomaro’.

I try to reach out to the young generation to give them the support as much as I can. I do this in different ways and in different places, as you can read further on the website, but at the moment there are a few concrete projects in which I am involved. In addition to youth work, I try to do ‘whatever my hand finds to do’ and you can also find that on this website. I am a true pioneer and like to try and/or build new things, with the help of local people and organizations.