The war in Ukraine has made a lot of people leaving home, other people losing their home and infrastructure is damaged.

Therefore, we tried to stand up for those who are suffering. We have done that in the beginning with helping refugees who came to Romania and in the meantime we are much involved in humanitarian transports and supporting local people in Ukraine.

With Pete from UK, Nicu from Romania and Martin from The Netherlands (this website), we form a team which is based in Oradea, Romania and in our network we are connected with many people from different countries in Europe. Through our own work and target group, like people with disabilities, Roma communities and teenagers, we found each other to cooperate and reaching those people as well in Ukraine but also help in general as much as we can.

From Europe, aid is coming into Oradea and from there we organize the logistics with forwarding the aid into Ukraine to those who needs it the most. We have our network in Ukraine and we constantly try to identify the biggest need and as well the people who are most in need. Even we are connected to some bigger organizations, we try to focus on the indiviual people who are not receiving help yet, to make a direct difference in their lifes.

After 1,5 year experience in this, our work is growing and we are even asked for helping others to bring in aid.

Despite aid is coming in, the transportation is not always sponsored and we kindly ask for your support, since we are growing and see the desperate need! You can do that financially, but also aid can be welcome to give, if there is a way to bring this here to us so we can forward it.

If you would like to support us financially, we would be very thankful. You can do that in EURO, USD or GBP by click the right button below.

If you want to know what aid is needed, click here. We try to update this list as much as we can.

For any question, contact us anytime by clicking here.

Video April 2022
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Coming from Italy with aid (Aug. 2023)

Video Oct. 2023